Spring Cleaning Fever

It’s time to move our remaining stock, so we’re having a massive sale on CDs, Vinyl, Shirts, Misc Items, ETC ETC

Laura went to Europe with her new project, The Discussion this past Fall and came home with some Kylesa records (Static Tensions Euro press, Kylesa/Victims 7″, Exhausting Fire, BBC Sessions, Ultraviolet) and we recently found a few boxes of CDs (Ultraviolet, Exhausting Fire, Spiral Shadow, From The Vaults)…. Among the random boxes, dust, grime, vinyl, smoke, duct tape, etc… we found a few pins, hand bills, stickers, pics and some patches so Laura put them together in a neat little bag, hence, “grab bag”. There’s not many of the grab bags and we’re pretty limited on the CD and vinyl stock as well. Once everything is sold, we won’t be getting anything else in the foreseeable future.

We have a few more items that we will put up for sale soon…. some surprises and some rare goods…

As always, thank you kindly for your support over the years!



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Band Photo Credit: Adrian Iris Boatwright

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