S/T Album Pushead Decks SOLD OUT // Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who recently purchased the skateboard and shirt combo.. They sold out in a matter of a few hours. Wow!

If you have not mentioned your shirt size, PLEASE DO SO! We are making only a handful of shirts so we need to give the exact order to the printing company. You can contact us via our Facebook page or write to web@retrofuturistrecords.com.

Once the shirts are in, we’ll get these packed and shipped quickly.

Thank you!


PUSHEAD SKATEBOARDS from first album + T-SHIRT !!!!

About a year ago, we were approached by Check Your Head Skateboards to do a skateboard collaboration. We talked about options and we both agreed that an old-school Zorlac style board with the legendary Pushead artwork form our 2002 Self Titled record would be ideal. Pushead was a major influence on Kylesa and he was/is an obvious influence on the skateboarding culture as well as the underground music and art culture that Kylesa has long been associated with. Check Your Head has already sold out of their stock so what you see here is all that is left. Only 100 were made in total, worldwide. They will not be made again. All of the boards are hand numbered. To celebrate this deck, we’re making a handful of the original Pushead “horse head” shirts that donned the back cover of our first 7″. We made 4 versions of this shirt back in the day and then let them go OOP. We have not printed any in many, many years. These shirts will ONLY be available with the purchase of the board. When ordering, PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR SHIRT SIZE IN THE NOTES SECTION of your order form. The boards will be well packed with bubble wrap and shipped in a thick cardboard box. The decks themselves are 31.75″ x 9.25″

Head over to the STORE  now! Thrash!


Spring Cleaning Fever

It’s time to move our remaining stock, so we’re having a massive sale on CDs, Vinyl, Shirts, Misc Items, ETC ETC

Laura went to Europe with her new project, The Discussion this past Fall and came home with some Kylesa records (Static Tensions Euro press, Kylesa/Victims 7″, Exhausting Fire, BBC Sessions, Ultraviolet) and we recently found a few boxes of CDs (Ultraviolet, Exhausting Fire, Spiral Shadow, From The Vaults)…. Among the random boxes, dust, grime, vinyl, smoke, duct tape, etc… we found a few pins, hand bills, stickers, pics and some patches so Laura put them together in a neat little bag, hence, “grab bag”. There’s not many of the grab bags and we’re pretty limited on the CD and vinyl stock as well. Once everything is sold, we won’t be getting anything else in the foreseeable future.

We have a few more items that we will put up for sale soon…. some surprises and some rare goods…

As always, thank you kindly for your support over the years!


Several releases on vinyl added to the shop // Shirt Discounts

We have updated our merch section and have added a bunch of vinyl and including Static Tensions, Spiral Shadow, The BBC Sessions, and Exhausting Fire. We have a relatively small amount and will not likely get any more any time soon. We also added some copies of Exhausting Fire on CD. AND we have cut the prices on the t-shirts we have left in stock.

Check it out!

Thanks !


BBC Sessions to be released on Record Store Day

We will see the release of Live at Maida Vale Studios as part of Record Store Day 2017. ‘Live at Maida Vale…’ captures  KYLESA’s February 2014 BBC Radio 1 Rock Show session in its entirety, and has never been commercially available before. The session was recorded with BBC DJ Daniel P. Carter for the BBC program “Rock Show with Daniel P Carter”.

The track list for ‘Live at Maida Vale…’ is:
1. Quicksand
2. Long Gone
3. Don’t Look Back
4. To Forget

‘Live at Maida Vale…’ is a one time pressing of 1500 12″ LPs, 1000 CDs, and 150 cassettes and will be available on April 22 2017 at independent record stores worldwide. A full list of confirmed Record Store Day special releases and more can be found here.

Maida Vale Studios is a complex of seven BBC sound studios in London.The historic set of studios have seen musical performances dating back from 1946 to the present. Past performances have include music from legendary rock icons such as DAVID BOWIE, LED ZEPPELIN, JIMI HENDRIX and many more.


There are no dates scheduled at this time.


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Band Photo Credit: Adrian Iris Boatwright

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